Well we have seen prices of used automobiles rise over 35% in the past year.

The reason?

Not sure.

I guess as new cars start becoming hard to get.

Or new vehicles are taking abnormally long to arrive.

Or $10-20,000 over MSRP is the new norm.

Then pre owned cars would be in demand right?


But if you find it hard to wrap your mind around the fact that a used vehicle with miles on it sells for MSRP or more................

You are not alone!

I agree it's tough to commit to that purchase when everything that you have been taught says, NEGOTIATE!!!!!

Let me tell you what I believe is happening.....

The dollar is losing its value.

So it takes more of these federal reserve notes to buy the things we need or want.

I believe that the current prices that we are witnessing today will be considered a "deal" in a year or two.

It's probably better to have a $80,000 car in the garage than $80,000 in your savings account.

We can all agree that $80,000 in the stock market over the past year would not have been very profitable!

So, go ahead and buy that car!

It may not be a "deal" but at least you can enjoy it while the dollar is crashing. ---- AJ Singer